Think Twice Before You Light Up

By Catherine M. Fascilla, D.D.S.

Despite all the negative talk about smoking,  statistics  show  that  many
people continue to enjoy tobacco in this form.   However  there are consequences from smoking which you may not know  about which can affect your dental health.

The evidence just keeps piling up:

  1. Gum Disease Research is showing that the incidence of gum disease is greatly increased in a smoker. This is even true if given good oral hygiene and the best dental habits. Nicotine appears to discourage the attachment of tissue to the teeth and this is vital to healthy gums. Where nicotine is, nothing wants to grow.
  2. Tooth Loss Because nicotine affects tissue growth, the gums and the bone recedes around the tooth. Over a period of time, teeth become loose as as a result of bone loss and this can lead to loss of teeth.
  3. Oral Cancer Smoking dramatically increases the likelihood of having oral cancer. Damage to the tissue on a cellular level by smoking slows down normal response to oral conditions and inhibits your gum tissue’s ability to heal itself.

In light of all the adverse effects of smoking, it makes sense to start the New Year smoking free.

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