Closing the Gaps

By Catherine M. Fascilla, D.D.S.

Many people have gaps between their teeth, called a diastema, that often affects the way they feel about their smile. In modern dentistry, new techniques are constantly being perfected to eliminate physical defects. Gaps between the teeth may be esthetically unattractive or just make you self conscious about your appearance.

Today there are several ways you can close the gap depending on the cause of the spaces, their size, location and adjacent teeth. Spaces can be caused by heredity, personal habits such as pushing your tongue forward when swallowing (tongue thrusting), loss of supporting bone under the gum tissue and tooth loss.

Several ways to close the gaps are:

  1. Orthodontic repositioning of the teeth
  2. Bonding a composite resin over the natural teeth to diminish the spaces and re- contour the shapes
  3. Covering the teeth with porcelain laminates or crowns.

In some cases a combination of the above may be called for. If you are interested in closing the gap, speak to your dentist about the best treatment for you.

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