An Alternative to Flossing

By Catherine M. Fascilla, D.D.S.

More than half the adult population has gingivitis or inflamed gums. Less than a third of adults floss regularly. Only one in five adults are flossing properly. Breaking up bacterial colonies that develop in the plaque between your teeth is extremely important in achieving optimum oral health.

So what can a person do if they don’t like to floss or if they have trouble doing it properly?

Recent studies show that using a Waterpik Dental Water Jet is an effective alternative to flossing in reducing plaque, bleeding and gingivitis. The unique combination of pressure and pulsation gently cleans between the teeth and under the gum line. Tested over 50 times in over 25 university based and independent research facilities, the Waterpik has been shown to reduce bleeding and inflammation significantly better than flossing.

The Waterpik Dental Water Jet comes with three tips; the Jet Tip, the Pik Pocket Tip and the new Orthodontic Tip. The Pik Pocket Tip can reach deep into pockets disrupting bacteria up to 6mm. The Ortho Tip features a brush tip designed to simultaneously brush and irrigate. Adolescents who use it are able to remove five times more plaque than brushing alone. Patients with dental implants and difficult to reach areas between crowns and under bridges find the Jet Tip very helpful. Other patients who benefit from the Waterpik are those who have had periodontal surgery and Diabetic patients who experience a higher incidence and greater severity of gum disease.

Since its introduction in 1962 as the first oral irrigator, this product  has been proven safe and effective in more than 50 clinical studies.   New research continues to indicate that  the Waterpik is significantly more effective than dental floss at reducing gingival inflammation and bleeding. It removes bacteria from under the gums and from hard to reach areas and also massages and stimulates the gingival tissue to promote improved circulation and superior oral health.

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